custom footwear

New shoes for the Renaissance Faire

Richard contacted us for a slipper to finish off his new costume and chose parts from several shoes that we had already made. We merged the parts and came up with this slipper. They go beautifully with the fantastic costume that Richard had made and we are thrilled to be part of his work.

Another New Shoe Designer

Two years ago we made a pair of whimsical purple and silver demi-boots for a young lady I met at the Great Western War. Last year her sister came with the same request, but for a pair of riding boots that she could wear for SCA events. We did a bi-color boot with a suede…

New Shoe Designer

A very nice young lady stopped at my booth at the Great Western War last October and quizzed me about my footwear. We had a nice chat and she went on her way. Early in December, I received a call from her mother asking if I would make her daughter’s design. She had used one…