About Us

I was making Renaissance and Medieval costumes for SCA members and fair participants in the 90s and was bothered by the lack of period footwear to complete the costumes. It took me several years to find a group of craftsmen and could talk them into making my strange designs. They were making custom western boots and orthopedic shoes at the time. We agreed that what we made would be comfortable footwear, well constructed with current technology and inspired by historic shoes.

As far as styles were concerned, assuming that people haven’t changed much, I figured that the shoes that survived were the ones not worn for one reason or another. And given the lack of stores, fashion magazines, and the speed of international trade, each local would have had several shoemakers and the designs would be a collaboration between the maker and the customer. With that spirit in mind, we wish to allow you the same design flexibility. Contact us: solesthrutime@att.net